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Counseling Department

1. Roles & Responsibilities
The Professional School Counselors are responsible for:
• Providing student schedules
• Reviewing student transcripts 
• Providing academic and career advisement
• Completing the Letter of Understanding (LOU)
• Providing individual and group guidance and counseling sessions
• Encouraging Community Service Opportunities
• Providing advice on post-secondary opportunities 
• Following the DCPS School counselors protocol
• Collaborating with staff, school personnel, community, educational consultants, and various other educational stakeholders
2.     Goals
The mission of the DCPS counseling program is to ensure the academic success, personal and social growth, and career development of all students.
The Ballou STAY guidance and counseling program facilitates student development based on the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) National Standards.  These standards are divided into three (3) categories:
• Academic Development
• Career Development
• Personal/Social Development
The Professional School Counselors at Ballou STAY High School are here to assist each student reach his/her full potential.  While academic concerns are at the forefront, life happens, and can at times hinder academics. The Professional School Counselors at Ballou STAY are here to assist students in navigating life’s challenges in order to move forward in receiving their high school diplomas and planning for life after high school.
3. Letter of Understanding
Each student is required to complete a Letter of Understanding (LOU)
with their assigned counselor. The LOU outlines the number of Carnegie Unit credits required to graduate from the student’s designated program, the number of credits previously earned by the student, and the remaining courses required in order for the student to receive a high school diploma from DC Public Schools. Carnegie Unit Credits start in Grade 9.  Students are also required to perform one hundred (100) hours of community service – the community service hours earned are indicated on the LOU.
4. Community Service Hours
DCPS students are required to perform one hundred (100) hours of community service. Beginning with school year 2011-12, ALL community service hours must be completed through a 501C, nonprofit organization or a federal, state, or local agency.
5. Graduation Requirements
Ballou STAY offers many diploma types depending on the student’s first ninth (9th) grade year. This 9th grade year determines the number of Carnegie Unit credits required to receive a high school diploma. Moreover, each program outlines the courses required to fulfill the requirements for the diploma type. 9th Grade beginning:
SY 2007 – present: 24.0 Carnegie Units
1992-2006 23.5   Carnegie Units
1984-1991 20.5   Carnegie Units
1983 and prior 17.5   Carnegie Units