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High School Bridge Class

What is High School Bridge?


In High School Bridge we strive to have our students build independence through communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, system thinking, health/wellness, civic responsibility, financial literacy, global awareness, resiliency, and problem solving.


Who can participate in High School Bridge?


High School Bridge is designed to support ALL Project Infinity and Infinity Plus students who are classified as 9th graders.


How will I know if I’m in High School Bridge?

Check your class schedule. If High School Bridge does not appear on your current schedule and you are interested in adding the class, please see Ms. Criner in the front office.


When does this class meet?

This class will meet 3rd period on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s 12:30-1:45pm for Infinity PLUS students

This class will meet 4th period on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s 1:45-2:30pm for Infinity students (SEL BLOCK)



What should I expect?


Students, please be prepared to actively engage in life skills, weekly academic and SEL check-ins with Ms. Criner, community access skills, mentoring, and pre-employment skills. We will also welcome guest speakers.