DCPS Goes to College

Going to college was not originally in Valentino Williams’ plan for the future. “I just wanted my high school diploma. That was my only plan,” says Valentino, a senior at Ballou STAY High School. All of that changed when his counselor showed him his GPA and let him know that he now had the grades to be a competitive college applicant. “I came across Delaware State, and once I saw that, I went straight forward with that plan. Now, I’m starting school in August.” At Delaware State University, Valentino will study business and management to prepare to open his own towing and mechanic shop. During his time at Ballou STAY, Valentino was involved with the College and Career Squad, which helped him to jump start his professional career by creating a resume and cover letter. Valentino says that the teachers at Ballou STAY have been supportive and encouraging. “Outstanding would be a word that would describe them all.” For other students who may experience challenges during high school, Valentino has some advice: “Keep pushing through no matter how hard things may be. Your past mistakes or past decisions that did affect your life in many ways don’t determine your future, so the sky’s the limit. I got a chance to go to college.” #DCPSGoesToCollege