Summit Learning: Competency Based Learning


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Frequently Asked Questions about Ballou STAY classes

Q: What is the difference between Ballou STAY classes and other schools?

A: All of Ballou STAY’s classes and class resources can be found on the Summit Online Learning Platform. Summit is a competency-based learning platform that allows the student to move at their own pace to ensure mastery of each subject’s content.


Q: How do students complete work and take assessments?

A: Students must submit all completed classwork and take all assessment on the Summit Online Learning Platform.


Q: Since all their work is on Summit do you I have to come to school every day.

A: Yes! Although, student assignments are on the Summit Online Learning Platform attendance is mandatory every day to learn the necessary skills to complete the work and take content assessments.


Q: Can students complete work at home?

A: Students can log on at home to review resources and take notes to prepare for the content assessments and work on projects.


Q: How can parents monitor the students’ progress on Summit?

A: Parents can monitor students’ progress by having the student log onto their platform or can sign-up to have text messages or emails sent with students’ progress.


Q: Can students take content assessments during all classes?

A: Students can only complete content assessments in their Advisory/PLT class which is a mandatory class scheduled on all student schedules or during teacher office hours which are at the end of the school day.


Q: How do I know my student is complete an assignment?

A: You know when your student is complete assignments once the assignment on the platform turn green.  If the color is red this means that the students is behind with completing their assignment.


Q: Do students get progress reports?

A: Ballou STAY does not issue progress reports. The students must complete all assignments (make green) on the platform to get a final grade.  Remember to get the students’ progress log onto the Summit Platform.