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Transcript /Diploma Request

How to request an Official Transcript/Diploma

Former students and alumni of Ballou STAY High School may request an “official” transcript or duplicate Diploma by completing a transcript/diploma request form located in the front office or by following the steps below:

  1.      Print out the Transcript/Diploma Request Form (found below)
  2.      Complete the form by including allrequested information
  3.      Identify the Request Type: (check one)

*Official Transcript Only        - ($5.00)

*Diploma                                   - ($5.00)

  1.      Copy & include a copy of your state issued I.D.
  2.       Include the address of where the Official Transcript or Diploma should be mailed
  3.       Return the Transcript/Diploma Request Form with a money order for the full amount made out   to:  Ballou STAY High School

Education verification companies, educational institutions and government agencies may request High School Transcripts and or Graduation Verifications for former and attending Ballou STAY students by mail or fax only.

When requesting records, please include:

  1.       Authorization for Release of the Student’s records signed by the Student
  2.       A money order for the full amount made out to: 

Ballou STAY High School

  1. Cost-   *Official Transcript Only - ($5.00)             *Diploma- ($5.00)


**Please allow 3-5 days for verification requests returned by fax**

**Please allow 7-10 days for verification requests returned by mail**

Thank you!