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The program of Barbering is designed to provide competency-based knowledge, theory and hands-on fundamentals associated with the barber industry. The Program provides both a simulated and real environment that enables students to develop manipulative and technical skills. Course work includes instruction in all phases of professional barbering: history, sanitation and safety; hair design, mock chemical process, related Sciences, such as; Anatomy and Physiology, Bacteriology and Electricity, and Business Principles.
Students are required to purchase their own books, tools, and supplies. A list of tools and estimated prices will be supplied during class.
• Goal of the Program is to assist aspiring barber’s become licensed in the District of C olumbia.
• Class Schedule: Monday – Thursday (12:30-2:15) and (4:30-6:15)
• Requirement Hours: 1500
• Testing Location: Davis Barber Service, 4646 Livingston Road, SE Washington D.C
• Material and Fees subject to change; so this information will be distributed to students in the classroom.

          *Registration fee-new students $50.00; returning students $25.00

          *Graduation fee:  TBD