The CDA is the most widely recognized credential in early childhood education. The CDA is a mark of distinction that shows teacher understanding of how to apply essential ECE competency standards to classroom practice.


Instead of pure lecturing, the course guide students to make senses of course materials, encourage to ask questions, explore solutions, and promote the resources outside of the classroom. The students will utilize skills in creative thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, time management, writing, and speaking. The course includes the reading of ECE articles, lesson scenarios, field trips, projects, evidence of course work implemented, and interactions.


This course provides a comprehensive study to the Child Development Associate. The CDA class prepares students to provide high quality care and education as an early childhood teacher. The components of the course meet the required Professional Development hours based on the study of the Principles of Child Development. The major components include the CDA eight subject areas. The class has been structured on the Competency Standards and Functional Areas establishes by the Council of Professional Recognition for obtaining a CDA credential.


The CDA is the best first step to follow the career of children's education since this course gives you six college credits and the CDA credential allows you to work in the field of early childhood education.


Coursework is offered for two settings: Pre-K and/or Infants & Toddlers. Choose the set of courses that matches the age of your students you plan to work with.



CDA Subjects:

  1. Competency Standard I
  2. Competency Standard II
  3. Competency Standard III
  4. Competency Standard IV
  5. Competency Standard V
  6. Competency Standard VI
  7. Observing and Recording Children's Behavior.
  8. Understanding Principles of Child Development and Learning
Steps to Obtain a CDA Credential
Prepare Apply PDS
  • 120 hours class
  • Professional Portfolio
  • Verification Visit
  • CDA Exam
          *Registration fee-new students $30.00;