DCPS Goes to College

While many students ride the metro every day, not many have had the opportunity to share their feedback about the system as directly as Aymee Moore, a graduating senior at Ballou STAY High School. Through her participation in the Metro Youth Advisory Council, Aymee has shared her thoughts on how the metro system can better serve students in the District. Between working 25 to 30 hours a week and managing her course load at Ballou STAY, Aymee says she has learned how to manage her time carefully and prioritize, a skill that will benefit her in college. “I’ve learned if you really want something, you have to go for it.” This fall, Aymee will enroll at Mary Baldwin University where she plans on majoring in adolescent psychology. She says that she is drawn to the topic because she wants to provide young people with an opportunity to get support from someone who has been in their place and can relate to their challenges. At Mary Baldwin, Aymee is looking forward to being in a totally new environment. “I am looking forward to the quietness and starting a new life outside of the city.” Aymee says that her time at Ballou STAY has allowed her to reach her goals. “I knew what I needed to do and I could go at my own pace.” #DCPSGoesToCollege